Minimalism doesn’t mean buying cheap.

Well I’ve got four bottles of colognes in my closet but I end up using only one and the reason is that one bottle of cologne outperforms the rest. When it comes to clothes, I end up wearing the most comfortable. While writing I prefer Parker over the rest in my pen collection. The common thing here is most of the things I use on a daily basis happens to be expensive and the cheap stuff was bought by me just to save money. The cheap stuff include ball pens bought in pack of 10, colognes that don’t last long etc.

Many of you may have heard the sentence ‘Sum of parts is greater than the whole.’ The same applies to minimalism. Sometimes the money spent on cheap stuff that you don’t use or that doesn’t last long, happens to be greater than the money spent on good expensive stuff.

I’m not telling that things that cost less are bad, in fact I do use some cheap stuff. For example, I use metal tiffin box over expensive branded plastic tiffin box. And the reason is plastic tiffin box sucks when it comes to handling hot food in the long run.

The core concept of minimalism is having stuff that you need and letting go all the non essential stuff. One of my favourite movie is Rambo 3 and in the movie the person playing the supporting character says to Sylvester Stallone that “5 tigers are better than 500 sheep.” The same applies to minimalism. One of my classmate had multiple cars but none of them had a 5 star safety rating. Instead of owning hell lot of cars of bad quality he could have got few good cars. I hope these examples clarified the misconception associated with minimalism.

Well, that wraps up this post. See you next time with a different one. Also do check out my other posts. Byeee 🙂

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