What on Earth is a Ring Watch ?

Hey folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post we’ll have a look at what on Earth is a ring watch.

As the name suggests it is a watch that can be worn on a finger. This isn’t the first time that it has made its debut, in fact there have been news from the past where ring watches were in limelight. According to some of the websites ring watches date back to eighteenth century. In 2008 a tomb in China was excavated and a ring watch was found. Surprisingly the watch had Swiss label. This means there were visitors to the site much before the archaeologists and also ring watches aren’t the latest trend. However further investigation found that the ring watch found at the archaeological site belonged to the recent generation.

Hearing about ring watches put me on a surprise. I was eager to know the prices, as I typed ‘Ring Watches’ in the search engine, the first results came from Amazon.in I clicked on the ad and was surprised to see how less it costs.

Image source – GT Gala Time

The watch above cost ₹499 on Amazon.in

As they cost so less I’m a little hesitant about how long they last. I also checked for premium ring watches but couldn’t find any genuine results.

What do you think about ring watches ? Can they become the next talk in town ? Fashion lovers may definitely show their love towards this old yet new thing. There have been occasions in the past were pocket watches and necklace a.k.a. chain watches were a fashion statement. Rare pocket watches from luxury brands experience high bids from buyers during auctions. Also taking into consideration the statement ‘History Repeats’, ring watches may become the new buzz.

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