Can men get Facial ?

Well the answer to the title of this post is a solid YES. Let’s look at some of the benefits of getting a facial. Well, the professionals have tools that most men don’t own, for example the blackhead removal tool. The tool when used by a professional works better than an individual trying to remove the blackheads himself.

The second benefit of getting a facial is, it’s SOOTHING. If you are someone who loves face massage then facial is something you cannot ignore.

Though facial has its benefits, there may be some cons too. Well, men tend to have beard and a big concern most men have is their beard turning grey or white in the long run due to the use of whitening agents during facial. Also some tend to get the facial right after a beard shave. According to various articles on the internet, shaving leaves the pores on the skin open and use of concentrated substance during facial may have its impact. Most websites I read suggested to get the beard shaved two days prior to getting a facial.

Well, most basic men’s salon don’t own all the types of creams necessary for all types of skin. Some may have oily skin, while some may have dry skin to mention a few. Facials creams come in different modes. Some of the popular facial names are, Pearl Facial, Fruit Facial (example, Papaya Facial), Gold Facial, Diamond Facial etc. What goes good for one type of skin mayn’t go well with another type of skin. So choosing the right facial too is extremely important, most people tend to get the cheapest one to save money and some choose the facial just based on the name (Thinking Diamond Facial is superior than Gold Facial). However, the second one may hold true sometimes, reason being, expensive and quality ingredients = Fancy Name. That’s how the cream manufacturers name them.

I personally prefer mid tier facial and the reason being it doesn’t burn the wallet and secondly mid tier creams are easy on the skin than entry level harsh bleaching agents.

Now comes the question how often should one get facial. The most common answer on the internet for the aforementioned question was 4-6 weeks. My personal preference is different. I don’t mind getting my face scrubbed and exfoliated that often but when it comes to usage of cream I’d say once every 3 months. Reason being, I have a oily skin and I’m a Kabab lover. The aforementioned has little consequences on my skin and usage of scrub smoothens my skin. Secondly, I grow beard and my work doesn’t require me to go out of home. Therefore, I barely get tanned. Henceforth, I prefer just scrubs and also I’m in no mood to get fair and I’m pretty happy with my tone. Facials use face whitening creams too but I’m only interested in clean skin without pimples, blackheads etc. so I just prefer getting scrubbed and massaged (as massage is soothing). Also another reason I get facial is because the person next to me might be getting one and I feel like I should get one too.

Well, if you’ve reached this far here is a bonus tip. Don’t get a facial when the salon is crowded. When salon is crowded the personnel are under pressure to get the things done quick. Henceforth, they might skip some essential steps and also the personnel mayn’t give their 100%.

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Return on Equity (ROE) – Explained

ROE measures how good the funds of share holders is utilised to generate profit. The formula to calculate ROE is,

ROE = (Net income) ÷ (Shareholders’ equity)

Net income is nothing but profit after tax. While shareholders’ equity is ‘Total Assets minus Total Liabilities’.

The ROE is different for different industries. Investors usually prefer a company with bigger ROE than its peers. Imagine there are two companies, Company A and Company B. Both companies have ₹100, company A makes a net profit of ₹15 using that ₹100, while company B makes a net profit of ₹10 using the same ₹100. We can say that company A is using the fund in a better way and is creating more money for investors than company B. ROE is expressed in terms of percentage.

Investors should take into account various other factors before picking a stock. In the above example we can see that Company A performed better than company B, and both had ₹100. But in real life companies tend to have different operating capital and the profits can be different, also the price of the stock may vary ( for example, TCS is more expensive than Infosys). So various other ratios too must be taken into consideration before picking a stock. Also it is believed that ROE can be tampered by taking loans when economy is doing good.

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Disclaimer : Trading stocks is subjected to market risks. Please read all the terms and conditions before investing. The motive of this post was to teach little things about stocks for those who do not understand much about stocks. will not hold any responsibility for any losses incurred to the readers of this post.