Guys visit the salon before a holiday…

I was in Goa the other day and decided to vlog. But just when I turned on the front facing camera I realised how ugly I look. The beard wasn’t in shape, the hair wasn’t at its best and the hot and humid weather further deteriorated the look due to excess sweating.

Daniel Craig from Casino Royale

Well, if you are an Instagram addict and want to make a pose like the one above, then you should tick some boxes. Sometime back I was in the car and listening to the radio and women were asked to give their opinion on what they think about the chest hair on men. Most of the women said that they don’t like chest hair, on the other hand many also said that they love beard.

At the end of the day individual opinions vary but one needs to take into consideration what the majority prefer. There is a saying in Kannada that says ‘Oota thanichhe nota pararichhe’, which means one can eat whatever one wants but when it comes to looks one should adhere to what the society thinks is correct. The society can be wrong in some cases but when it comes to men’s fashion there are things the society likes and the society doesn’t. So if you visit the salon before the vacation, you tend to look good. Also those Instagram images are gonna look 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Well, if you are a Tinder user then you are gonna reap more benefits by visiting the salon before taking the vacay. As per studies people tend to like images that have more elements into it. Nobody’s gonna swipe right on those ugly looking selfies taken inside home in bad lighting conditions. Also most middle class don’t take exotic vacations that often. So when you do take one, make sure you look amazing. Also you can show those pics to your grandchildren and maybe even point out at the pic that their grandmother swiped right on.

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