What to do during Facebook outage ?

When there is a power cut some intellectual people try to go and look at the fuse, on the other hand some smart people just call the neighbour and ask if they too have a power cut. If everybody has a problem then there’s nothing to worry but if only you have a problem then you should take the next step to rectify it in most cases.

Many people said on social media that they tried to restart their mobile, fiddle with the router etc. All they had to do was get to Twitter, all the frustrated folks were using the hashtag that signalled Facebook and its apps were down. Sometime back National Stock Exchange was down and I thought my stock broker’s app was down but as I tapped on Twitter I found out that it wasn’t only me who had the problem.

There’s a saying that ‘Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket’. If the basket falls then all the eggs are gone. Many people use Facebook and its apps for business. And they had a hard time during the outage. Some tips to mitigate this are, use other tools too to prevent losing your customer. One simple way of doing this is to collect email address of your customer. Many business owners offer free stuff to get email address of their customers. I don’t know how it works when it comes to physical products but when it comes to digital products it’s easy. For example, I run a blog and if I provide a free ebook to my customers then many are happy to exchange their email address in return for the ebook. Many stores have something known as membership cards and through this medium they obtain phone number and email address of their customers.

Luckily Facebook doesn’t own Gmail and Twitter and if you are using them then they can come in handy. Also some apps have different features. For example there is a limit on the number of people you can add to WhatsApp group but that’s not the case with Telegram. Sometime back I was using an app called Hike and it was good. WhatsApp status disappears after 24 hours but Hike had a timeline that was similar to Facebook timeline and your posts stayed on the timeline even post 24 hours.

Some people diversify stuff even when it comes to banks. Private banks offer fancy rewards in the name of coupons, cashback etc. on the other hand government banks don’t disappear overnight. So if one knows proper asset allocation then she / he can minimise the risk.

Also if you run a business on Instagram, do consider owning a website. Sometime back there were something known as MySpace and Orkut and today they aren’t in limelight, the same may happen to Instagram. But Facebook is rich enough to buy its competitor so the risk is kinda low.

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