We got a Baleno

During my undergrad my dad said that he would buy me a Baleno if I aced my Maths exam. But I did terrible with the exam and my Baleno dream got cancelled. Few years later we finally got a Baleno .

I’ll go through the good and bad with respect to the car in this post. The looks of the car is decent and I wanted a grey coloured car but my dad got a white one and the reason he quoted for the decision was “Grey looks dull when the paint fades in the long run”. I’ve seen both glittering metallic grey under lights and faded grey Baleno and post that I say it was a good decision to not go with grey.

The legroom and boot is spacious. There’s no unnecessary use of chrome in the wrong places. The infotainment screen is minimalist and easy to use. There are buttons on the steering wheel for easy access to volume etc. The alloy wheels look dope when compared to its peers in the same price range. All in all it’s a good car.

Now let me talk about few shortcomings of the car. I’ve been in Swift and diesel Ritz, one thing I noticed there was even passengers would feel the sudden burst of power when the driver presses the accelerator. When it comes to Baleno, the power delivery is linear. So far the roads allowed us to push the car to 100 kmph and I’ve never felt that sudden push like it happens in Swift. Also if you are overtaking in lower gears you hear the engine noise. The second complaint is with respect to seat cover. We got the seat cover from the showroom and it doesn’t feel premium. I used to work in garage and many times we had clients who would get third party seat covers for very less price and they kinda looked slightly premium than the one you get in Nexa.

Moving back to the good things, the car has two airbags, defogger glass on the rear, rear wiper etc. The car also has something known as ‘Range’, it basically tells how far you can go with the current amount of fuel in the tank. I often take routes that don’t have fuel stations and this feature reduces my anxiety. Rest of the car is decent and I’m happy to own it 🙂

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