A Stock Trader’s Love Letter

Hello sweetheart, I thought of writing this letter because I don’t have a CALL option yet. Once I get you phone number we can switch to calls. By the way at the very first sight of you, my heartbeat hit an All TIME HIGH. You are the only STOCK I’d like to have in my PORTFOLIO. DIVERSIFICATION ?, hell no. I will take the RISK of talking to our parents and ensure that both of us get a GREEN signal for our marriage after the RISK REWARD ANALYSIS.

What would you like as a wedding gift ? GOLD ETF or any other rare and premium METAL. From one of your posts on Instagram I see that you like teddyBEARS, well I guess you will like the BIG BULL writing this letter even more. Well, coming to honeymoon, where’d you like to go, ONSHORE or OFFSHORE ? Well, I can afford both because I shorted Adani stocks on the day it tanked due to false rumour.

Kids. Well if genetics work, then I assume our DERIVATIVES too are gonna be a BLUECHIP.

You look like a BANK and I’m INTERESTed in you. If you say yes, we’d make a good PAIR. And let me say it again, I don’t look at you as an OPTION instead I look at you as my FUTURE. I will be there with you during all times. People say that there’s a women behind every man’s success and having you by my side gives me enough strength to be the Dev of D.STREET.

Love you 🙂

No Time to Die – Movie Review

Well to my surprise this movie has a UA rating and there were young audience in the theatre that I visited. Considering how cosy Mr. Bond gets with the person of opposite gender this rating kinda surprised me.

Let me talk about the good stuff. At age 53 Daniel Craig has a charisma and body language that can make the young folks jealous. Aston Martin driving skills in the movie was superb. There’s also a scene where Mr. Bond rides bike and boy that was brilliant. He rides bike on stairs. Also in the later part of the movie he drives a different vehicle (Pajero if I’m not wrong) and he ensures that any vehicle given to him does the same damage to the enemy. Plenty of Land Rover are damaged during the fight scenes and that justifies the $250 million production cost of the movie.

The song by Billie Eilish adds additional flair to the movie. This movie also has emotional stuff and there were many sad faces in the theatre post climax. SPOILER ALERT don’t read further.











The reason for the sad faces post climax of the movie was, Mr. Bond dies in the movie. Well, if Mr. Bond was a single lad then the intensity of the sad faces would have probably been less. This movie shows his attachment to Madeline and her daughter (I didn’t concentrate properly in the movie and I believe Mr. Bond is the father of Madeline’s daughter, and Mr. Bond too affirms it as he and Madeline’s daughter both have blue eyes.) So, the ending was hard to digest.

The movie felt a bit lengthy and few unnecessary action scenes justify it. Also the villain’s character isn’t top notch but unfortunately this villain kills Mr.Bond. The villain’s character is strong at the start of the movie.

When it comes to criticism, Madeline gets kidnapped and in the next scene she’s in pointed stilettos. I don’t remember what footwear she was wearing in the previous scene. Also considering the nature of the tense situation and fights, stilettos don’t suite the scene. Well, stilettos reminds me of this another beautiful lady who helps in Mr. Bond’s mission, this lady is a newbie and does some excellent job. And if you are wondering if Mr. Bond gets cosy with this lady too 😉, well to your surprise he doesn’t. Also the newly appointed 007 is a bit rude to Mr. Bond in some scenes. The death of M in Skyfall is a loss to movie viewers, as the new M lacks the lustre of the old M.

Well, that was my review. Before closing the tab do check my other posts because you’ll fall in love with them. Well, did you say “Roger that” ? 😂. Anyways see you next time until then take care and stay safe 🙂

Really Good and Unique Tinder Bios

1. Biosphere, Atmosphere, losing you would be my greatest fear.

2. Swipe right and screw your life. Swipe left and save your life.

3. I weigh heavier than your imagination.

4. Hoarder of orange Lay’s.

5. I like around 3.5 people. Hit me up to be the 4th.

6. Sugar, spice and everything nice.

7. What’s the difference between jelly and jam 🤪.

8. Ain’t no hiccup when down for hookup 😂

9. Friend: “What are you doing today?” – Me: “Livin’ the thug life” – Friend: “Laundry?” – Me: “Yeah.”

10. I was donating blood the last time I matched with someone.