Living on 1.5 GB internet per day.

Hey folks, welcome to CCB. I spent a few months on 1.5 GB data per day and here’s how things went.

Most of you reading this blog know me as a stock trader and yes I did trade stocks on mobile data. The markets are open for 6 hours a day and the most time I spent per day staring at the screen was around 2 hours 30 minutes per day and that drained 500 MB of data. Back when I was a scalper my job would get over in few minutes.

The other things I do on my phone is blogging and scrolling Instagram. I don’t blog everyday. My data would reach half its limit (750 MB) by 7:30 in the night. Post that I’d watch YouTube, if not I would use the unused data to update apps on my phone. By the way iOS apps are huge in size. I uninstalled a 2 GB game and post that there was no way I could install it back without buying extra data or use hotspot. Airtel gives 6 GB of coupons if you recharge via their app. I tried to use this 6 GB of data on my mom’s phone to update software on my iPhone 12 via hotspot and sadly it was a failure.

I don’t stream movies or text hell lotta people like others, so on most of the days the data was sufficient. Occasionally I ran out of data. Also YouTube has download feature, if you think you are going to watch a same video multiple times then downloading the video and watching it offline will save data. I use the unused data to download videos late in night.

1.5 GB data per month, unlimited calls and 100 sms per day cost me ₹598 for 84 days. That’s ₹7.11 per day. Recently I switched to 3GB data per day and the same aforementioned features and it cost me ₹558 for 56 days. That’s ₹9.96 per day. For extra ₹2.85 per day I’m getting additional 1.5 GB data.

Well, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeee 🙂 By the way I can now install Asphalt 9 back on my phone.

By the way I use an iPhone 12. People who use other phones and do similar stuff on their phone say that their data consumption is lower than mine.

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