Pickup Lines for Apple Users

1. Hey, let me be the first gen Apple Pencil and you can be the iPad.

2. How about some FaceTime ?

3. Don’t worry about your ex. You can still upgrade from the Mini to the Pro Max.

4. Does your iPhone have Assistive Touch.

5. Do you think your iPhone SE is missing an alphabet.

6. Well the 13 Pro Max ain’t the only thing that’s 6.7 inches.

7. How about a Big Mac and S. on the Beach cocktail.

8. Apple care has constraints but my care ain’t.

9. I thought my iPhone is the only flawless thing I’ve come across but you proved me wrong.

10. I want to Preorder you before you are gone.

11. My OS got no virus as it’s locked to the ecosystem.

12. I cannot use the 2TB iCloud storage all by myself. Can I add you to my Family.

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