How to dress if you become the CEO at the age of 20 ?

Well, I was 20 when I started this blog. Of late there are many entrepreneurs that make it big at an early age. The aforementioned statement is backed up by stuff like Forbes 20 under 20, and Rolls Royce states that the average age of people buying the double R is reducing in the recent times.

There’s lot of misconceptions when it comes to the word SUCCESS. People often believe that successful people need to behave in a particular way. Well, I hope this post reaches Dan Bilzerian and Jake Paul. Well, continuing from where I left it’s not necessary to follow what our ancestors did. People often have this misconception that successful people need to have their shirt tucked in 24/7 (sarcasm) or wear the pants 2 centimeter below the rib cage. Mate, the times are changed and is changing as I jot this post.

Well, Well, Well that was a lengthy intro. Let’s hit to the title of this post.

Hmmm, the above 4 photos sums it all.

1. Have more than 1 coat in your closet. It’s no more black and black, or blue and blue. Of late the coats come in variety of hues and if you are green on the balance sheet then the price tag shouldn’t be a concern.

2. Go the traditional way when required. Well, you could be 20 but what if you are inking a deal with a 72 year old CEO. Well going too millennial may not be right in such occasion because boy you might have the Lambo and the Dom but the gentleman on the other end’s probably owning a yacht with a runway for his A380 (sarcasm).

3. Spectacles – I know you are loyal with your lady but honey you cannot be the same with those glasses. You are gonna need different spectacles depending on your outfit and the occasion.

Have you watched Aamir Khan in first half of Gajni ? Well, girls do love Mr. Perfectionist.

Social media memes often portray men as lazy but boy there definitely should be some distinction between you and the regular folks. Of course in a good way though.

Last but not the least, Man get those sneakers and chinos rolling in all its glory on that weekend date, Well if you dating a daughter of a Fortune 100’s CEO this may not be a good idea though 😛

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