If people were to choose between Royal Enfield and iPhone, what would they pick ?

Hello folks, welcome to CCB, this is your host Preetham. Well with some of my major EMIs ending this Feb I was pretty puzzled over what I should get next and I wondered what would others pick if they had a similar budget like mine. To get the answer to the previous question I put on a poll on Instagram and the results were surprising.

Well 53% of the folks preferred iPhone over RE, now the majority of the folks who answered this poll were my acquaintances and some of them already owned a RE. And this poll also revealed what’s a true chic magnet because the vast majority of the people who voted for RE were women. Boy make sure your Continental GT isn’t in the service centre this Feb 14th.

Liabilities – Well the last service for my Ntorq costed INR 4500 and the self start stopped working after two days. Now maintenance for the beauties in the title of this post ain’t cheap. The MagSafe charger, screen replacement, leather jacket, riding boots the list goes on. Well most people think of only the cost of buying a product and don’t take the after sales costs into consideration. Well, if you read this blog you’d be better at making decisions because I discuss stuff like how to get your wants, yo broh !!! This is a finance blog too. So don’t forget to check out my other posts.

What would I pick, well I’m kinda content with my Samsung flagship phone at the moment and I do miss the iPhone but I’d like to get a Hunter 350.

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