Has this generation figured out life much better than the previous generations ?

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to another blog post and in today’s post I’ll be throwing some light on whether this generation has found the essence of life much better than its former generations.

If you attended an Indian school and went through the History class, you’d probably heard of Sati System, Yes… woman being pushed into the pyre of her dead husband. Well, that was past. It’s 2023 and the six foot three inches hot chap investment banker driving a Mulsanne is yet to find his match on Tinder, post purchasing the paid plan. Babe, it ain’t the Kundli, it’s the VIBES that match.

The common sense and rational thinking this gen has garner ed is immense although few pinches of modern day stupidity is still pretty prevalent. The best part of today’s society is due SWOT analysis is done on most of the aspects however some lack code of conduct during a backlash. I mean would someone tell a 90 year old – “Son of a Bitch, mind your fucking business.” Well, kids these days listen to hip pop babe not all are into Panchatantra or Chanakya Neethi, you know. Stuck in Silk Board Traffic but still out of the matrix, if you know you know.

This gen also has a lot of freedom the previous gen didn’t. If you belong to an upper middle class family and aspire to become a DJ or a super model, there would be very less friction when compared with the same a few decades ago. The best part is every profession pays you decent provided you are worth it. For example my domain doesn’t involve Calculus and I can still afford flagship smartphone.

If I have to put it in simple words, this gen is more of a self shepherd than the herd, which in my opinion is great as long as taking the road not taken doesn’t lead to falling from the cliff… Network Marketers and Business Gurus how can I conclude the post without you guys ?

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