Keeping the feet warm in style this winter

Got them a few days ago and it is an absolute show stealer. Well, according to many this is just meant for indoors but I wear it to office too. I work in night shifts and my desk is right below the centralised air conditioner that’s facing bottom and boy oh boy it’s dope.

There was one day the AC wasn’t at it’s peak and I did feel the heat to my feet that day and I was working in day shift that particular day.

Also the mule is delicate. I wear it to office because my commute doesn’t involve too much of walking on rough surfaces and also I travel by my own vehicle and don’t use any public transport. The floor in office has carpets and the only rough surface the shoes come in contact with is at the parking lot. Also my office is pretty chill with the dress code and this looks dope with the clothes I pair with it.

If you are interested in getting one please buy it from official or verified stores. Trying it at a retail store before buying would also be a good idea because your fashion taste may vary from mine. I got this one online and initially the left mule felt a little loose but eventually I got comfortable with it.

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