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Hello folks, welcome to CCB and in today’s post I’ll be talking about making sales the right way so that you’d not have a guilt feeling ruining your sleep at 2 am.

I would like to explain this topic by taking my own example. The chronic readers of this blog already know that I work for a Telco. However, there’s an update. I quit my job at the Telco due to valid personal reasons. When I was back in the company I was working under the technical domain yet the thing that I was more involved was in sales.

The commission I made on selling products was constant i.e. I don’t get paid extra if I sell flagship products or I don’t make less if I sell entry level products. I am not allowed to disclose the business secret therefore I’ll stick to the title of this post.

People are ready to pay a premium for a certain vegetable but nobody pays a penny to rotten vegetables. The same applies to sales. We all know that the industry topper smartphone doesn’t have an headphone jack, is locked to the ecosystem etc. Yet people love to spend a fortune on it. I mean who wants a phone that hangs after two weeks, has 120 Hz display but still behaves like a television from 1952.

Money hungry sales folks don’t like to miss an opportunity and try to sell products to everyone. For example, the location on earth often trolled for manufacturing low quality stuff is also the same location where trillion dollar premium companies have outsourced their manufacturing units. The crap and the platinum both gets generated from the same geography.

I don’t mean to hurt anyone but if you think your customer is gonna curse you or praise your mom and sis for your sales expertise then you should pretty much stay away from such practise.

Does being genuine generate more money. The answer is a solid YES. Let me explain you, there’s single product approach and multi product approach. Imagine I sold an iPhone to a customer and a low budget android phone to another. If I’m focusing on a single product approach I’d make the same money on both the sale. But if I switched to multi product approach this is how it works. I can sell an Apple Watch to the iPhone customer and to the android guy ? Well, at the time of writing this post the owners of Galaxy Watch 5 are unhappy with the battery life. When it comes to design and user interface Apple Watch is hands on the winner. Hang on I did not talk about selling the iPad to the same customer yet. Now, you might be thinking that this is a wallet ripper and my answer to it is NO. The products are priced differently in each country and people who have a habit of claiming tax benefits actually get the aforementioned for a bargain. Also don’t forget about the interest free instalments (few countries). If one is generating 12% return on her/his money parked in good financial instrument and is going on an interest free EMI she/he is actually benefitting from the purchase.

Hang on don’t call me an Apple fanboy, if you look into the tech posts on this website I did get a Samsung few months ago.

What are other perks of being the Good Sales Person ?

Well, if you believe in Karma you know how it works. Moving on it’s the satisfaction you get in helping your customer. For example, in the Telco I worked for the unlimited 5G home internet costed the same as the fibre broadband but with 5G one can get state of the art download and upload speeds and also no web of cables in the home. Therefore I loved selling the unlimited 5G internet. I sold the traditional broadband only to those who wanted a home phone a.k.a. Landline too along with internet.

Well, in this post I talked just about my industry but I assume that this is the same in most of the industries. Also if you plan to work in the same retail outlet for ages and don’t want your sale to visit back the outlet with a broom or a pistol after two weeks then boy oh boy you better get your sales game right.

Also one shouldn’t forget that the Word of Mouth marketing is still one of the best and capital free marketing approach. I mean Apple doesn’t sponsor this blog yet and I blow my bank balance for Apple products and still talk good about it. The iPad I’m writing this post on doesn’t open zip files but is still better than my former Windows laptop that could do a lot more but never felt complete, not to forget the hour long software updates and hanging.

Conclusion : Being honest can generate more revenue provided you put the grey matter to work in the right way.

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