Graphite at 16, Carte Blanche at 26

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to yet another killer blog post. The title of this post may sound like the one directly copy pasted from NY Times or the cover line from that French fashion magazine. Well hell, the title is written by this dude overlooking the trash site in his nightwear and an iPad a.k.a. ME.

Graphite refers to Pencil and Carte Blanche refers to freedom. When I was 16 I loved Pencil Fit a.k.a. Skinny Jeans. Will be turning 27 next month and Boy Oh Boy !! I only shop Loose Fit Jeans of late. My former work place allowed me to wear casuals to the office and there were days I spent 12 hours at work and 1 hour in total travelling to and fro from my home to the office.

Bob, my day started at 2 am and there’s no damn way I’d wear slim fit trousers till evening. Loose fit meant FREEDOM, well Carte Blanche !!

I know that you don’t like to read lengthy crap. So darling the post is done, see you next time with a different one, BYEEE 🙂

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