I Don’t Need a Lighter cause My Tongue can Spit Fire

Yo !!! ladies and gentlemen roll up the sleeves,

turn on the ac as it’s gonna be fire.

I’m just 5 foot 4 but my wick make her lick.

If you get caught in road rage don’t yell behen ke beep

cuz if you do that the pillion’s my keep.

The ISRO accepted me for the internship

the new chic I met rejected my friendship

My passbook is better than Wallstreet’s balance sheet

and exponents are to count the chics I hit.

Every time I kill a beat I make those fleets drip.

I do reels for a living so Mr. Berg pay me quick.

The EMI is due and I’ll call YouTube my backup chic.

This song was was made in one day.

Bitch, reply by E. O. Day.

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