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Cloud Versus External Hard Drive

If you are at the fence and thinking about cloud or external hard disk as the right option for your data storage needs then this post might be of some help to you.

Let me begin with cloud.

As a student who receives most notes on WhatsApp, I find cloud to be of good use. I use a 4.7 inch smartphone and I find it difficult to read PDF and other documents on my phone, so I add them to cloud and later access it on my big screen laptop. Some time back, when I was not using cloud I used to email individual documents to myself and read the documents on a bigger screen device. To segregate the important documents I used to mark them as starred, so that I can distinguish between important stuff and other useless junk.

Moving on, I drop files into the cloud and later segregate them based on the subject on my laptop. As of now I use cloud just for my notes and other basic stuff.

Another benefit of cloud is realised during exams. I usually stick to presentations and PDFs from teachers as the main source of info. If you too have a similar habit then cloud can come in handy because you can take a lighter device like tablet for those last moment revisions on the exam days.

When it comes to notes, some of my classmates run to the Xerox shop with the notes of topper, on the day prior to the exam and once the exam is done, all that notes goes to the bin. When the volume of notes is high the money spent on Xerox too goes bullish. In such situations cloud can come in handy. And this is how it helps, these days there are really good scanning apps on smartphones and the scanned data can be saved as PDF. Suppose the important info is of 50 pages, and there are five friends, then each of them can scan 10 pages and send it on WhatsApp to the common study group. If the data has to be merged, then even that could be done. Once this is done, the data could be dropped on the cloud and be accessed on their study devices.

Well, that was from student perspective. Moving on to work, as a blogger I find cloud to be useful in the following way. I use my mobile to edit photos and I add the photos to the cloud. I do the writing part on my laptop and I also publish posts from my laptop. While posting I have all the data on a single device and this is possible due to cloud. And yes, it doesn’t require dongle, data cable etc.

Privacy, this can be a little awry when it comes to cloud. And the reason is, all of us mayn’t be knowing where the data is getting stored. If you have habit of reading newspaper then you probably know those data leaks that made it to the front page. This is where an external hard disk comes as a saviour. If you are one of those who has extremely critical data then you should stick to an external solid state drive.

Pricing, external drives are one time investment (provided you do not lose them / damage them). Whereas, in cloud the pricing is on monthly basis. And both has its merits and demerits.

Final Verdict : The definition of privacy varies from person to person. Because there are plenty of people out there who have a public social media account and post every detail and happenings of their life on social media and then there are those who read terms and conditions, privacy policy etc. before using an application.

Most devices these days come with decent memory and as people grow old their mental maturity increases and also the selfie frequency reduces. So before buying a device if people pick the device based on their usage pattern they mayn’t need additional storage space. Also media consumption these days is mainly restricted to streaming and very less people really download stuff. Therefore, there is tonnes of storage space left free to use.

The role of cloud makes your life simpler, especially if you are one who uses devices that run on different operating system. An external hard disk backs up data but if you forget to carry it with you in case of an emergency you will miss out on data and also if you lose it you will miss out on data.

My favourite permutation is cloud for the regular data and external hard disk for intrinsic and critical data.

Disclaimer : Views expressed here are personal. doesn’t hold any liability to the loss or gain to the readers of this post.

4 Key Things in Street Photography

Hello readers, in this post I’ll be talking on Street Photography and I’ll also give some tips to enhance your street photography skills.

The most important aspect in street photography is to capture the moment. You might have seen captions on photos reading “Captions not required the picture itself speaks a lot”. Yes it’s true. This is the approach one has to follow to click a good picture. The picture should speak volumes, it should describe the atmosphere and the ambience.

It’s not necessary for one to be a pro photographer to do street photography. Any individual who loves his surroundings and who wants to click images of daily life and daily happenings can do street photography. For example, a techie who commutes daily to his office located in another part of the city can capture the scene of his daily commute in the traffic laden roads.

Now moving on to the tips, the most essential requisite to excel in street photography is Swiftness. Yes, epic moments happen very quickly. For example, you might spot a cute Porsche on the rear view mirror of the vehicle you are travelling in. Now if you aren’t the one who is on the driver seat, then most probably your hands are free to use a camera. Get your camera set as quickly as possible to click the image in all its glory. Another key to get sharp images while you are on the move is a quick shutter speed. The quicker the closing of the shutter, the less blurry the image.

Tip 2 : Monochrome does the magic. Before writing this post, I read close to a dozen posts related to street photography, and the common thing in all those posts was black and white photographs. If you’ve noticed this post carefully, you can see that all the photos used in this post so far are in black and white.

Tip 3 : Pick the Correct Angle. If you want to know more on the art of picking the correct angle, check out my post on Flower Photography, where I’ve mentioned on how to choose the correct angle.

Let me tell you how I chose the angle for the above image. In the above image the scooter is the subject. Had I clicked the image from the side, I would have missed the details on the front section (headlight, mudguard etc.). And if I had shot the image from the front, the image would have lost the details of the sides. So I had to pick an angle where the subject wouldn’t miss the aforementioned details, and I picked one. To know the art of angle picking check out my post on Flower Photography.

The above image depicts the view from the side, where the details of the front section is lost.

Tip 4 : Pick the Subject. It’s not hard to find a subject in our day today life. I was at my friends’ place on a warm afternoon. I went to the balcony to get some fresh air and I saw a bicycle parked on the road.

I found this as a cool subject and I decided to click a photo. The angle from the balcony wasn’t great, so I decided to go down and move closer to the subject to get a good shot.

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Flower Photography

Hello readers, in this post I’ll be giving some tips on how to photograph flowers.

1. Choose the right angle : The angle from which you click the snap makes a lot of difference in the final result. It can make the image look beautiful or ugly. Before you click the photo, move around the subject, make sure your camera is on and keep looking at the display. There’ll be that one magical angle from which the subject looks stunning, stick to that angle, lock the focus on the subject and click the image.

2. Play with the shutter speed : If there is sufficient light and if you want to capture motion (shaking flowers, moving car in the background, flying bees etc.) then change the shutter speed. The faster the shutter speed, the sharper the image. However, light absorbed reduces when you increase the shutter speed. So you’ll have to increase the exposure or do the magic while editing.

3. Make use of the weather : Most photographers have a feeling that ‘you need to click images when its bright and sunny’ but this need not be true. You can get amazing results even when the weather is cloudy and moody.

4. Do not over do with the exposure : Extreme exposure and hard light eliminates shadows and minute highlights. This spoils the natural feel of the subject. So click the photo in actual ambient light conditions.

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