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If movies were made on RCB what would they be called ?

The Team that knew Infinity

Kalasipalya Jones and The Kingdom of Golden Cup

ESCN Never Dies

Dream 11 Royale

Simhada Mari Sainya

Sothu Geddavaru


Bangarada Kalasha

Nanna Neenu Gellalare



Nenapugala Aata Madhura

Dada Serada Alegalu



Taalmeya Parikshe

6 – 5 = Calculator Hidi

Aata Madhura Tyaga Amara

Ooru Bitta Maalika (hashtag no offence)

Eluvare Koti Kanasu


For Your Balls Only

Cuppige Savaal

Chalisuva Beejagalu

Keralida Simha

Cuppina Kaanike

Ondu Cuppina Kathe

Playoff Seridaaga

Jaga Mechhida Tanda

You’ll roll on the floor and laugh reading these pickup lines used by engineers

Do you like to be the numerator or the denominator?

Girl you have cuter dimples than a Cardioid!

Hi. My name is Windows. Can I crash at your place?

I know the spring constant for my mattress. Wanna take some data ?

If I was sin^2 and you were cos^2 sweetheart together we would be 1.

Nice set of parabolas!

Why don’t we measure the coefficient of static friction between me and you?

Are you or mine ?

You’re hotter than a Bunsen burner set to full power!

Let’s convert our potential energy to kinetic energy.

I wish I were your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves.

I want you to reboot real quick.

Babe I heard you like roses, so here’s a polar coordinate graph of r=1+cos(theta).

Baby, If I were an enzyme, I’d be DNA HELICASE so I could unzip your genes.

By looking at you I can tell you’re 36-25-36, which by the way are all perfect squares.

Girl when I see that body of yours it creates a stress on my heart and a strain on my beam.

Hey baby, are you a router? Because I saw you checking out my packet.

Let’s take each other to the limit to see if we converge.

Since distance equals velocity times time, let’s let velocity and time approach infinity, because I want to go all the way with you.

The volume of a generalized cylinder has been known for thousands of years, but you won’t know the volume of mine until tonight.

Want a 100% Uptime night?

Can I do your Systems Analysis?

Archimedes cried out “Eureka” when he discovered that the volume of a solid can be determined by how much it displaces. Do you want to verify this ?

4 Female Behaviours that Men Just Love

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. Today’s post contains 4 female behaviours that men just love.

1. Maintaining a distance from the F.boys — Well, guys love females that are down to earth and friendly but often the down to earth and friendliness could me misused by the F.boys. There are times when that friendliness needs to turn into attitude as sharp as the stilettos but yet fair enough to balance. Maintaining healthy friendship without making the F.Dudes lose their face is something that most females suck at. So the right attitude from day 1 can prevent this mishap and guys love women that are good at handling situations themselves without intervention of third party.

2. Grammar and Texting Etiquette — Well, if you happen to date someone like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory then this paragraph can be really useful to you. You can go with the cosy texting style when you are few months into the relationship but if are still at the threshold of getting your man then all those punctuation and grammar counts. In fact the most common Tinder bio that I’ve encountered is ‘dnt typ lyk dis’. Being a Science grad I do have plenty of medicos and engineers on my texting list and believe me the ones who got to med school with merit do have all the boxes ticked when it comes to texting etiquette, irrespective of the time of the day or busyness quotient. Guys do judge you on your text and girl you need to have this in your arsenal along with that Maybelline mascara and Burt’s Bees lip balm.

3. Display of affection in public — Well, not all guys are same. Few days back I had a colleague who got into an argument when a female coworker when she pinched him while asking a doubt. On the contrary there was also another dude who was sad as no girl ever pinched him. Not all dudes who wear a Tom Ford tuxedo turn out to be Daniel Craig. Knowing the surrounding and the dude before making a move is quintessential to impress your man.

4. Being Straightforward and Open — As long as you don’t ruin a guy’s day, being straightforward always pays dividend. Majority of the male pride do like the person of opposite gender speak the same way as their male counterparts with a few exceptions here and there depending on factors like Geography, work genre etc.

Well those were the four female behaviours that men love, this post was written with intricate research and enough evidence and experience over the past 26 years of my life.