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Dosa Economics

Hey folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post we’ll have a look at Dosa Economics. Former RBI Governor Mr. Raghuram Rajan used Dosa as a measure to explain how inflation and interest rates work in the economy.

Let’s understand this with an example. Imagine you’ve got INR 100,000 and you deposit it in the bank and the bank pays you an annual interest of 10%. Therefore, at the end of the you’ve got INR 1,10,000.

Now assume instead of depositing INR 100,000 in bank you bought dosas worth INR 100,000 and price of each dosa is INR 50. Therefore, the numbers of dosas you bought are, INR 100,000 divided by INR 50 = 2000 dosas. Now assume that after one year the price of dosa moves from INR 50 to INR 55. Well, now assume that instead of buying dosa for INR 100,000, you decided to deposit that money in bank and thought of buying dosas a year later. Well, at the end of the year you’ve got INR 1,10,000 as the bank paid you 10% annual interest. Okay, now imagine you bought dosas for INR 1,10,000 and over the course of the year the price of dosa moved to INR 55 due to inflation (oil price, LPG price, salary hike of cook, hike in rent of the hotel etc.). So this time the number of dosas you can buy is INR 1,10,000 divided by INR 55 = 2000 dosas.

Well, if you look at the above paragraph you can see that irrespective of when you bought the dosas, whether you got it at the starting of the year or at the end of the year post receiving the INR 100,000 + INR 10,000 interest, the number of dosas you could buy is the same, that is 2000 dosas.

Well, now assume the bank paid you 8% annual interest and inflation rate is low and price of dosa moved to INR 53 per unit. Substituting this new value in the above equations gives you following results.

8% of INR 100,000 is INR 8000. And INR 1,08,000 divided by INR 53 = 2037.73.

Therefore, if you buy the dosa at the starting of the year when price of each dosa is INR 50 and you have INR 100,000 you can buy 2000 dosas but if you plan to deposit that money in bank and decide to buy the dosa post one year after receiving an annual interest of 8%, you can buy 2037 dosas. Yes, that is 37 extra dosas.

Therefore, according to Mr. Raghuram Rajan, high interest rate and high inflation doesn’t reap anything and decent interest rate and minimum inflation can be beneficial.

₹499 Starbucks Coffee Review

Hey folks, how ya doin ? Hope everything’s goin fine and just if you are wondering how am I doing, then well I’m kinda getting better and planning to break up with procrastination and get that lazy bum hustlin.

Well, a few days ago I wanted hit a night club but the bouncer said “STAG NOT ALLOWED.” With the LGBTQ movement still at infancy in India I’m pretty sure the bouncer wouldn’t have let me in even if I pretended to be one. By the way I’m straight 😂.

Moving further I was disappointed and as I walked along the way back to my home sweet home, I found Starbucks on the right. Well, I decided to hit the caffeine heaven.

The list was lengthy with respect to coffee and I decided to order Mocha. The dude at the billing counter suggested some other coffee to me which too had chocolate in it. I decided to go with the dude. Well, I ordered the largest volume and it’s called Venti.

With respect to taste the coffee was pretty upper average. As I mentioned in one of my earlier post, coffee shops rent real estate and this happens to be the reason why the coffee is so expensive. I’m pretty sure I’d get a similar coffee elsewhere for a lesser price but the ambiance and real estate renting cost for two hours wouldn’t be the same. The Starbucks outlet that I visited was in a location where average price per square foot is ₹40,000. So yeah, the coffee shop would be paying fat rent. Premium coffee shops aren’t crowded like the regular ones and has very small seating capacity, so breaking even with these aspects is directly proportional to the coffee price.

Well, so far I talked about everything else instead of coffee I guess. Well the coffee was good because it was a cold one and the volume was decent. The most expensive coffee I had prior to this was a hot one and it cost me ₹90 at Kalmane Coffee a few years ago and I was pretty upset over it. I am the dude who can gulp the coffee within few minutes and all the fancy features in the coffee shop really doesn’t matter. But when it comes to Starbucks there were few plus points. Starbucks is a competitor to co working spaces from my perspective and the furniture must be in such a way that I can get my work done. Since it was a Saturday night I had nothing to do apart from few memes. But the other customers who were there at the time I visited the coffee outlet had plenty of things to do. I spotted a dude with a 14 inch MacBook Pro and few papers who was busy with his work and the furniture was perfect for that work to get done. Most coffee shops have beanbags and poor chairs with no backrest. For a dude chillin with his girlfriend the aforementioned furniture would do but for a workoholic lad who prefers coffee shop over WeWork or other co working spaces there’s a lot that needs to go with the ambiance. Starbucks had seating arrangement that went well with both the working dude and the flirting flamingo.

Usually people alter their chair to get the perfect seating position but in my case I moved the table to hit that perfect C spot. By the way C spot refers to coffee spot not something that you might be thinking that rhymes with the aforementioned 😉. Well the tables weren’t sturdy and I was afraid of dropping glass that was made of glass. This is something that Starbucks needs to improve on because the coffee is served in glass made of glass and not paper glass. If the glass drops then there’s more damage and pain than losing expensive coffee.

Free Wi-Fi is something that coffee shops are known well for but Starbucks disappointed me. There were free available Wi-Fi networks within the coffee paradise but none of them had the name ‘Starbucks’. The dude who drinks a coffee that’s more expensive than single malt definitely has a fat wallet that can put Hulk and Thanos to shame. Going by that, connecting to unknown Wi-Fi networks can cause harm in this era of cyber attacks. That’s something Starbucks needs to improve on.

Well saying that I end this post and just hoping that my STAG status turns into COUPLE status before the next time I post on this website. Have a great day folks and if you aren’t busy right now, do spend some time to check out my other posts. Byeeeeeee 🙂

Why I hate Modular Kitchens ?

Why I hate modular kitchens ?

Modular kitchens are stylish, sleek and offer plenty of pros but I hate it and here’s the reason.

The first reason goes like this, if you live in multi-storey building the biggest problem is pests. Multi-storey buildings share pipelines and as a result of this in spite of you keeping your kitchen clean, pests may enter your home. Modular kitchens come with cabinets that are closed and cleaning every nook and corner is a hassle. If you are someone who takes long vacations there’s a high probability of your home becoming a heaven for pests.

So instead of the modular cabinets I prefer conventional cement shelves or wooden shelves that are airy, easy to clean etc.

The modern apartments these days share the kitchen with the living room and usually there’s no partition. So if you have conventional cement shelves it may not sync in with the aesthetics. But who cares I still hate modular kitchens.

Well folks, saying that I wrap up this post. See you next time with a different one, byeee 🙂