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Residential Layout vs Semi Commercial Layout

Residential Layout vs Semi Commercial Layout

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll be sharing my experience of living in residential layout and semi commercial layout.

Let’s begin with residential layout. The best thing about residential layout is there’s less air pollution and noise pollution. Residential layouts see only movement of residents and few others and therefore you can’t hear loud sound s and experience exhaust gases like the ones in commercial or semi commercial layout.

Another good thing about residential layouts is, you don’t see tall buildings and the population density is quite low. The reason for this is, property owners in residential layouts are not allowed to construct buildings that are above three storeys. I’m telling the story with respect to Bengaluru and the rules and conditions may vary depending on city to city.

The next good thing about residential layouts is wide roads. This also means that there’s no parking problem (you can park on the sides of the road).

When it comes to people I’ve noticed that people living in good locality are often well educated and they adhere to rules and regulations. One example of this was, the waste management body asked people to segregate dry waste and wet waste separately and from the following day people obeyed the orders.

The next good thing about residential areas are they have parks and grounds. Being grown in a semi commercial area since When I was 11, I badly missed parks and grounds in my area. So the 1.5 years I spent in a residential layout was quite pleasing.

Now comes the cons of living in residential areas. If you live in a pure residential area, you need to go far to fetch items of day to day use. However, home delivery services by supermarkets are mitigating the aforementioned.

The next thing is high cost of properties, pure residential areas are often sought by those who plan to build bungalows and property cost of owning or renting a property can be sky high.

The next con is high price of vegetables. In Bengaluru the price of vegetables changes according to the area. If you live in a super luxury layout then you need to spend huge chunks of cash on vegetables, however to prevent this activity by vendors the government has setup shops which sell vegetables and fruits at tertiary market rates.

The next con of living in residential layout is less safety. Due to less population density, the roads often feel deserted and chances of chain snatching and dacoity is high. However, those who can afford to live in these super expensive areas, also can afford good security personals and tech for their safety.

Well, now let us have a look at pros and cons of living in a semi commercial layout. The first good thing of living in a semi commercial layout is you have shops and businesses real close to you. In the area I live there’s even a shopping mall at walking distance and I get pretty much everything from vegetables to clothes from designer labels. During my year and a half stay at residential layout I badly missed businesses operating at walkable distances. I always had to get to malls for most of my needs. The second good thing about living in a semi commercial layout is you get to build buildings more than 3 storeys. So if you are someone interested in getting a good rental income, then semi commercial layouts offer good benefits. Next comes safety, semi commercial areas are often crowded and cases like chain snatching and dacoity is mostly nil.

The next good thing about living in semi commercial area is there’s less power cuts. In the area I live there’s handloom industries and whenever there’s a power cut these people call the electricity supplier and the power’s back within few minutes.

The next pro about living in a semi commercial layout is you get more customers for your business. As mentioned earlier you get to construct buildings more than three storeys and therefore the population density is high. Greater population = greater business.

The cons of living in semi commercial layout is more like opposites of pros of residential layout i.e. greater pollution, no playgrounds and parks, parking problems etc.

Well folks, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different post, byeee 🙂 .

Melukote Diary

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. Recently I visited Melukote a temple town in Mandya district of Karnataka, India. Melukote is situated 150 kilometres away from the state capital Bengaluru.

We left Bengaluru at 8:00 A.M. in the morning and stopped for breakfast at Kadamba on Mysore Road just seconds away from the NICE road. The breakfast was decent but the Masala Dosa lacked crispiness. Post breakfast we headed back onto Mysore Road. The journey got slower due to humongous traffic caused due to the road repair works that were happening on Mysore Road. After reaching Bidadi the journey went smoother and faster since there was less of repair works going on the road. We finally reached Melukote at around 12:15 P.M.

The first place we visited post reaching Melukote was Yoga Narasimha Swamy temple that was situated atop a hill. We drove the car to half the peak and post that climbed too many steps to reach the temple.

The view from the top of the hill was great and mesmerising.

After visiting Yoga Narasimha Swamy temple, the next place we wanted to visit was Chaluvanarayana Swamy temple. We reached the temple premises and got to know that the temple was closed till 4:00 P.M. We had plenty of time till the temple reopened. Meanwhile we came in contact with a local guide who said, he’d be showing the surrounding places and also take us to the nearby restaurant for lunch.

We headed to Ananda Mess for lunch. They served Puliyogare, curd rice and Sakkare Pongal. The Sakkare Pongal was delicious,while the Puliyogare and curd rice were pretty normal to the taste buds.

Post lunch we headed to Akkana Kola and Tangiya Kola, which were the two Kalyanies a.k.a. pond. The lady who looks after the business of the pond said the story behind the nomenclature of the pond.

Post that we headed to Raya Gopura, on the way we witnessed another temple and a statue of Ramanujacharya.

We finally reached Raya Gopura and the sight was amazing.

After spending some time at the Raya Gopura we came back to the premises of Chaluvanarayana temple.

We waited at the temple premises untill the hands of our watch hit 4:00 P.M. The temple gates were opened at 4:00 P.M.,we had a good look of the deity and then we headed to Manavalamamuni Sannidhi. We offered our prayers to the deity and left back to our car. We bid adieu to our guide Mr. Daasappa and started the ignition.

Meanwhile it started to pour as we headed back to Bengaluru. We had a quick stop at Maddur for some snacks and coffee.

The temperature got really low as it poured and finally we reached back to Bengaluru to our cosy home.

Well folks that was it for this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeeee 🙂

Travel Diaries from the Gateway of Malnad

Shivamogga also known as Gateway of Malnad is a city in the state of Karnataka. The city lies on the banks of river Tunga and is a tourist destination due to a lot of attractions present within and around this city. I visited this amazing place few months ago and I’ll be narrating my lovely experience in this city in the following paragraphs.

To begin with my favourite part of the tour was at the Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, at the camp the elephants are trained and taken care. In the mornings the Mahouts make the elephants walk towards the water bodies to bathe the elephants. Visitors can have a good look at the elephants being trained. I took a snap of a baby elephant during its regular walk.

Shivamogga is also known for its greenery, the image below shows a calm and secluded road.

The above image was shot on my way to the Gajanur dam. As the name suggests Gajanur dam is a water reservoir built across the river Tunga. There’s also a bird sanctuary located within few miles from the dam. The following images shows the dam and its surroundings.

Another cool place to visit in Shivamogga is the Shivappa Nayaka Palace. The images below shows the aura around the palace.

The palace is named after Shivappa Nayaka, the 17th century king of the Keladi dynasty. Splendid gardens, sculptures and artefacts can be seen in this palace.

On coming out from the palace, the adjacent road is a famous place for chat corners (stores selling traditional eateries). The chat corners serve amazing dishes that wow the taste buds. The below image shows ‘Boti Masala’ an evening snack.

There are many such dishes available at the eateries. The famous chats include Masal Mandakki, Nippat Masala etc.

These were some of my experiences from the tour. There were some other attractions too in this splendiferous city but I couldn’t visit it due to time constraints and those places includes, the Lion Safari, the Gandhi Park etc.

The travel diary concludes, see you next time with a different post. Have a great day 🙂