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Nike Renew First Impressions

Nike Renew Shoes

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the first impressions of my newly bought shoes.

This new shoes is from Nike and is called Renew. It looks pretty awesome. The shoe was offered in two other colours but I chose the white one. The size of the shoe was one size higher than my regular size and the reason was my size was sold out. However, this large size did fit pretty decently. Talking about comfort it felt pretty normal and there wasn’t much difference than regular shoes from other brands. I tested it on the regular tiled floor. I had felt the same motion when wearing my Adidas Adiprene + shoes but that shoe felt much awesome and smooth on the tarmac.

Well the post isn’t complete without mentioning the price. The price of the shoe was INR 5995 but I got a 50% discount on the actual MRP.

Well that was it for this post. I’ll be writing a detailed review after wearing it for some days. Follow me on Instagram @preetham_raghu and for post notifications follow candid.can.blog on Instagram. Byeee 🙂

I received myriad of compliments on this bag …

The results were out and I was promoted to the final year. Wow !! The present backpack I was using was perfectly fine.  But I wanted a backpack that really stands out in the crowd. The college life would be done after graduation and even if I had loads of money to afford the glitziest backpack, where would I wear it after graduation. So in spite of knowing that I’ll be needing a backpack for just one year, I went out to buy a show stealer backpack.

From one store to another and another … the pursuit to find the perfect backpack continued. Finally I ended up in the Puma outlet and my pupils turned towards a vibrant blue backpack. At the first sight, my heart’s rhythm sent a hint that I’ve found what I was looking for. And it turned out to be true. This blue backpack had all the features that I was looking for, except a water bottle holder. For a moment I thought ‘should I buy it ?’ And then I remembered my friends scolding me for over tightening the cap of the water bottle, I always tighten the lid of the water bottle very tightly, whenever someone tries to open the lid they really have to spend a lot of energy in opening the lid. This habit of mine, hinted me that the chance of a leaking water bottle is literally zero. I had no more excuses to move away from the bag. Oh wait, the price tag. Yeah, the price seemed to be a little expensive but it had no competitors. I just had to shell out a little more than usual to buy this sizzling yet sweet, Senorita. And I bought one.

The next day at the college, the compliments flowed like a river that knew no bounds. And the compliments continued to rain thereafter even in places away from the college.