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I switched from iPhone to Samsung and here’s my experience…

Well I started working for a major Australian telecommunication company and a fraction of my job involves suggesting suitable mobile phone to lovely customer’s of the company. And of the big chunk of sales I make the majority of the folks go for flagship phones from Apple and Samsung. Well, I’m an Apple fanboy and I switched from iPhone 12 to Samsung Galaxy S22 so that I’d be able to help the Android lovers too.

So let me start with the good stuff about the S22. Boy oh boy the design looks amazing and is dope AF. However, there’s a tiny bit that I did not like. The bottom edge of the camera bump on the LHS wasn’t chamfered correctly and it’s a bit too sharp. The second thing I miss is the ease at which I can put my phone to silent mode. On the iPhone it’s just a small push on the silent switch and your phone goes to silent.

The selfie camera on the Samsung is definitely better than the iPhone for portrait photography as it smoothens the skin and the image looks decent for average dudes like me. On the iPhone the selfie camera clicks sharp images and I often had to use Snapseed to get the photo looking good.

The battery life ain’t that great on the Samsung S22 when compared with my old iPhone and the charging time from 30% to 80% is slightly slower than iPhone and I used fast charger during my tests.

The benefit of owning a Samsung is you can update the software using mobile data unlike iPhone. This being a 5G phone I get speeds up to 100 MBPS on LTE and my home Wi-Fi is slower than my mobile data and I actually love using mobile data over Wi-Fi.

The next question is, “Is it worth the money ?” Well the MRP of 128 GB model of the S22 costs 85999 rupees and I got it for 69000. This falls in the premium bucket and the OS doesn’t feel premium. The hardware is great but Samsung needs to ditch Android and create an OS that’s really cool like the iOS. Well, if you are an existing android user and upgrade to the S22 you are gonna like it but moving from iOS to android feels more like moving from S Class to E Class.

I never thought I’d be going back to android when I got my first iPhone in 2016 and my workflow revolved around iCloud. But now I’m back to Google Drive. This decision saves me money because Google Drive offers free storage up to 15 GB and iCloud offers only 5 GB of free storage.

Also I had logged into many applications using Apple ID and now I face issues to log into certain apps on Android and I have to use website version of the App. One such app is Skillshare.

Also unlocking the phone with face doesn’t work properly in low light conditions on the S22.

Well, that was my experience with the S22. Before closing the tab do checkout my other posts. Byeeee 🙂

Pickup Lines for Apple Users

1. Hey, let me be the first gen Apple Pencil and you can be the iPad.

2. How about some FaceTime ?

3. Don’t worry about your ex. You can still upgrade from the Mini to the Pro Max.

4. Does your iPhone have Assistive Touch.

5. Do you think your iPhone SE is missing an alphabet.

6. Well the 13 Pro Max ain’t the only thing that’s 6.7 inches.

7. How about a Big Mac and S. on the Beach cocktail.

8. Apple care has constraints but my care ain’t.

9. I thought my iPhone is the only flawless thing I’ve come across but you proved me wrong.

10. I want to Preorder you before you are gone.

11. My OS got no virus as it’s locked to the ecosystem.

12. I cannot use the 2TB iCloud storage all by myself. Can I add you to my Family.

Living on 1.5 GB internet per day.

Hey folks, welcome to CCB. I spent a few months on 1.5 GB data per day and here’s how things went.

Most of you reading this blog know me as a stock trader and yes I did trade stocks on mobile data. The markets are open for 6 hours a day and the most time I spent per day staring at the screen was around 2 hours 30 minutes per day and that drained 500 MB of data. Back when I was a scalper my job would get over in few minutes.

The other things I do on my phone is blogging and scrolling Instagram. I don’t blog everyday. My data would reach half its limit (750 MB) by 7:30 in the night. Post that I’d watch YouTube, if not I would use the unused data to update apps on my phone. By the way iOS apps are huge in size. I uninstalled a 2 GB game and post that there was no way I could install it back without buying extra data or use hotspot. Airtel gives 6 GB of coupons if you recharge via their app. I tried to use this 6 GB of data on my mom’s phone to update software on my iPhone 12 via hotspot and sadly it was a failure.

I don’t stream movies or text hell lotta people like others, so on most of the days the data was sufficient. Occasionally I ran out of data. Also YouTube has download feature, if you think you are going to watch a same video multiple times then downloading the video and watching it offline will save data. I use the unused data to download videos late in night.

1.5 GB data per month, unlimited calls and 100 sms per day cost me ₹598 for 84 days. That’s ₹7.11 per day. Recently I switched to 3GB data per day and the same aforementioned features and it cost me ₹558 for 56 days. That’s ₹9.96 per day. For extra ₹2.85 per day I’m getting additional 1.5 GB data.

Well, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeee 🙂 By the way I can now install Asphalt 9 back on my phone.

By the way I use an iPhone 12. People who use other phones and do similar stuff on their phone say that their data consumption is lower than mine.