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What to do during Facebook outage ?

When there is a power cut some intellectual people try to go and look at the fuse, on the other hand some smart people just call the neighbour and ask if they too have a power cut. If everybody has a problem then there’s nothing to worry but if only you have a problem then you should take the next step to rectify it in most cases.

Many people said on social media that they tried to restart their mobile, fiddle with the router etc. All they had to do was get to Twitter, all the frustrated folks were using the hashtag that signalled Facebook and its apps were down. Sometime back National Stock Exchange was down and I thought my stock broker’s app was down but as I tapped on Twitter I found out that it wasn’t only me who had the problem.

There’s a saying that ‘Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket’. If the basket falls then all the eggs are gone. Many people use Facebook and its apps for business. And they had a hard time during the outage. Some tips to mitigate this are, use other tools too to prevent losing your customer. One simple way of doing this is to collect email address of your customer. Many business owners offer free stuff to get email address of their customers. I don’t know how it works when it comes to physical products but when it comes to digital products it’s easy. For example, I run a blog and if I provide a free ebook to my customers then many are happy to exchange their email address in return for the ebook. Many stores have something known as membership cards and through this medium they obtain phone number and email address of their customers.

Luckily Facebook doesn’t own Gmail and Twitter and if you are using them then they can come in handy. Also some apps have different features. For example there is a limit on the number of people you can add to WhatsApp group but that’s not the case with Telegram. Sometime back I was using an app called Hike and it was good. WhatsApp status disappears after 24 hours but Hike had a timeline that was similar to Facebook timeline and your posts stayed on the timeline even post 24 hours.

Some people diversify stuff even when it comes to banks. Private banks offer fancy rewards in the name of coupons, cashback etc. on the other hand government banks don’t disappear overnight. So if one knows proper asset allocation then she / he can minimise the risk.

Also if you run a business on Instagram, do consider owning a website. Sometime back there were something known as MySpace and Orkut and today they aren’t in limelight, the same may happen to Instagram. But Facebook is rich enough to buy its competitor so the risk is kinda low.

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Things I don’t own…

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll be talking on things that I don’t own.

The first thing I don’t have is wireless headphones. My work doesn’t require me to go away from home and I’ve never felt the need to own an headphone even when I’m outside my home. When I travel in car I prefer the car’s speakers. And while travelling in train I prefer to look outside the window over listening to music. And sometimes due to outside noise, I may have to raise the volume in order to hear the music, especially if I’m not using noise cancelling headphones. Raising the volume may not be a good idea considering its effects on the ear and hence I just don’t have an headphone. The last 25% of the reason for not owning an headphone is the price. I’m an Apple fanboy and you know its effects on the wallet don’t you ?I’ve used the wired earphones of Apple and after that experience I don’t feel like switching to other brands. Here’s some little info, the wired EarPods of Apple now costs only ₹1900 instead of its earlier price of ₹2300. If your phone has an headphone jack do consider buying this over other brands. Another topping for me not owning a wireless headphone is you need to charge them. Wired earphones don’t have this problem, so being a lazy chap this also adds for the reason.

The second thing I don’t own is a hair trimmer. I prefer growing beard. And on average I need to visit the barber once in a month. The cost of a decent trimmer is ₹1200. And the barber charges ₹50 per shave. So 12 times in a year is ₹600. Extrapolating the value, I’ll be spending ₹1200 for two years provided there’s no inflation in shaving price. This is pretty decent considering the benefits. Also most trimmers don’t come with a battery indicator, sometimes the trimmer dies when you are half done and wired trimmers don’t work if there’s a power cut. The only time I regretted not having a trimmer was in lockdown, since the salons were shut down.

The third thing I don’t own is a cable TV subscription and subscription of OTT platforms. Being a stock trader, CNBC TV 18 is quintessential. The good thing is they have an app where you can stream live for free. I don’t know if they have an app for iPad. But yes, if screen size of mobile phone is a problem then maybe the iPad app can be of some help. The same is with ET Now, this channel too can be streamed via app. The desi news channels can be streamed live on YouTube. Hence, I haven’t felt the need to own cable TV subscription. I had Prime Video and Hotstar subscription but currently I don’t have them.

The fourth thing that I don’t own is a DSLR or mirror less camera. My iPhone 12 comes in handy for most of my photography needs and besides that iPhone is light. Picking the phone from pocket and clicking a photo is easier than carrying a bulky camera. I was a little hesitant about the quality of iPhone camera but recently I took some sharp images from a moving train. Also it does well in low light. The problem arises only if I need to zoom by a huge magnitude. For the rest iPhone does the job well.

Well folks, those were the four things that I don’t own. See you next time with a different post. Byeee 🙂

How much would Google make if it showed ads on its homepage ?

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I would be talking on how much Google would make if they showed ads on its homepage.

I searched for how many people visit Google everyday and the top answer said that there are 5.4 billion searches per day. Being a blogger who makes money from ads, this figure was pretty pleasing.

The next thing I did was divide the aforementioned value by thousand, because revenue from ads is usually based on 1000 impressions. The max I’ve made so far from my blog was $2 for 1000 impressions. However, this value changes based on numerous factors. Some time back I saw a video on YouTube where a person made $30 for 1000 impressions. To keep the things simple I used $1 as CPM. And the value after dividing 5.4 billion by thousand is as below.

Note, this value is per day and the average CPM is $1. The CPM may change and also the number of ads displayed can be more than one. In such a case the figure can get bigger too. On the other hand most people don’t visit Google.com because some browsers already have a search engine and people type there instead of going to homepage of Google. Also some people type their queries in the address bar of the browser.

That’s amazing isn’t it ? Well, the reason why I wrote this post is because when I use Google on a browser on my laptop there’s plenty of screen real estate that’s just plain white. And I felt that this plain white space could be used to advertise.

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